xbox one backwards compatibility

xbox one backwards compatibility

Everyone who bought xbox one been asking lately that Can i play xbox 360 games on xbox one? when xbox one backwards compatibility is going to be a real news

Activision last year announced about xbox one backwards compatibility with Black Ops ,Since then xbox one users were waiting when is xbox one backwards compatibility coming out,though there was no fix backwards compatibility release date

Now finally Microsoft finally announced that Xbox One Backward Compatibility is here ,This is a really good news for lots of gamers who own xbox 360 and can not play there some of favourite games on xbox one ,

Now they can use there old games and play on xbox without any additional cost.Currently xbox one has close to 100 titles available to be played on xbox one and Microsoft promised that 100s of more will come in next few months.

xbox one backwards compatibility how does it work

Engineers at Microsoft were able to took the Xbox 360 PowerPC architecture and manage to transform it into the xbox360 x86 architecture

Microsoft Described:

Our approach was actually to emulate the full Xbox 360 hardware layer. So when you run xbox one in xbox 360 emulation you are actually running xbox 360 Operating system

which you can see at game’s boot animation .They also told that they were able to achieve frame by frame performance equivalents.

To add new games to the library you must wait for microsoft to release wrapper for xbox one as per-game,That means as soon as micorsoft release the wrapper for that game you can take advantage of xbox one backwards compatibility and play it.

Current xbox one backwards compatibie game list

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