Overwatch game review: what to expect?

Good news gamers! Be ready to add a new collection in your game-bucket. The overwatch is knocking at the door. Enjoy this thrilling game with the power of intelligence and aim of shooting.

Game Genre

Overwatch from Blizzard is in open beta. Undeniably, it is going to be the hottest game in this weekend. When you see this game for the first time, you may classify it as a shooter game. It is important to mention in this Overwatch game review that it is not only a shooter game or MOBA. MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena.

You may get confused seeing so many heroes in an action pose at the very first time, but no need to worry buddies as this shooter game is going to blend some different flavors of enjoyment into it as well. It is not only about just point, click and shoot at all. Overwatch is beyond a strict shooter.

You are going to have lots of fun with this MOBA style gameplay. You will soon realize that the game is less about shooting, but more about map awareness, teammate awareness, coordination, situational awareness, posturing, positioning, understanding character load outs and much more.

What’s there for you?

If you have hit your teenage, you can enjoy this exciting game. With 21 different characters, start implementing your game-plan. You don’t have to shoot always, use your mind, follow different strategies and try to execute them to defeat hazards. You can switch between heroes during the game anytime to use their unique abilities when you need them.

The graphics

overwatch game reviewWhat to say! Blizzard did an awesome job. When you first see the game, the intense graphics and art quality will surely drive you crazy.

A hyper-realistic look of shooters in a cartoonish style will surely amaze you.

The graphics of this game is not less than a high-quality movie itself. Beautiful, colorful palette, models, weapons, vibrant atmosphere and trendy looks – all await you in this hot, new release.

Definitely, you are not going to depend on only Overwatch game review. As you are a passionate gamer, you are going to experience the game. Right?

This is going to be a smooth game for you, actually. During the game, you can switch between the heroes anytime and use their skills when needed. You can always destroy your opponents by different tricks and heroes. The game is also quite easy to pick up and play.

In this game, you will have characters having a mind attack along with two unique abilities and an ultimate power that will flourish over time. You will love the game for sure, and you will not get bored after playing for hours as well.overwatch-game-review-2

What more to know from this Overwatch game review?

Did you get the story? Well, it’s pretty interesting. See the Earth 60 years into the future. Earth’s United Nations had formed an organization named ‘Overwatch’ 30 years prior. Overwatch was great and it was a super team trained to destroy the Omnic crisis. Omnics had served humans for years. But suddenly, 30 years ago, a mastermind took all Omnics and turned them against humans.

When there was no sign of Overwatch, the problem has increased between omnic and humans. Story rolled. A gorilla scientist, Winston refused to let Overwatch go. Winston tried to reconnect the overwatch network illegally and called back all agents into service. And the game begins. Try it out today and enjoy this brand new game from the well-known providers Blizzard!

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