Microsoft ready to bring Minecraft in China

Good news for you, Mainland people. The famous sandbox game, the Minecraft is coming to you. If you are a fan of this game, start celebrating as Microsoft have announced a partnership with Netease, the Chinese internet company. They are bringing Minecraft in China by launching the Chinese version of the famous game to be played on mobile and as well as PC versions.

The creator of Minecraft, Mojang is now under Microsoft. Mojang is going to develop a new Chinese version of Minecraft that will rule the gaming market of China. Hold your breath as the release date of Minecraft in China has not been announced yet. Netease and Microsoft are working together on this project to give a solid hike to the gaming market of the mainland. Netease is also behind the famous Blizzard video games such as World of Warcraft or Hearthstone.

Over 100 million gamers throughout the world, play Minecraft.The game has a huge fan following as it owns a customizable nature that is enough to appeal adults and children too. You have to purchase this game for one time and then you will be able to play it offline.

Minecraft in China is like a dream comes true for many mainland gamers. As annoying payment options and problem in language have made this game troublesome for regular gamers. Now this is the time to cheer for China people as Netease is including local payment options along with the support of Chinese language in this new version of Minecraft.

It will surely steal the hearts of the gamers in China soon. They will not face any problem while playing this version of Minecraft like before. Microsoft is ready to increase the solid base of massive fan following by developing this famous game’s PC versions and Mobile versions in China. So buddies in China, be prepared to welcome the most awaited game launch so far.

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