Google is building its own consumer Android phone

Ara the modular phone

We here were always thinking that when will be the day that when google will build its own Android phone for consumers to compete with other brands mainly iPhone,
there have been lots of guess but no official information on it

But today google announced that he is moving his popular Ara modular smartphone project team to its own dedicated unit inside google.

Former Motorola president Rick Osterloh and new new hardware chief will lead the team, and google also confirmed that its own consumer Android phone is expected to come in 2017,

it will be first time that google is building its own hardware not like with Nexus which was built with help from other partners LG,HTC and Huawei

Google today showed off a functional prototype of Ara,Currently it has 6 modular slots,which are linked through open standard Unipro which is capable to achieve 11.9 gb of bidirectional data.

All of these 6 slots are exchangeable with each other so you can put a module to any other slot freely,You can release the modules by voice command too like “Okay, Google, eject the camera” will release the module

If this project of google goes right it will be a big step in the modular phone design arena and next generation of smartphone and tablets,If google want to compete with iPhone he must build something new and cool like this

Project Ara

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