Google brings password free login to Android apps later this year

No more passwords. Google has announced that they are going to kill the passwords for logging into Android apps and introduce password free login for all Android users. The head of the company’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) arm, Daniel Kaufman has proudly introduced the new way of protecting Android apps named Trust API.

The Trust API will work using biometrics such as someone’s typing pattern or facial recognition. Even it is going to use biometrics like how you walk or how you move to recognise that you are the right user or not. Testing procedure will be started from next month.

What is password free login for Android?

The Trust API is going to use obvious biometric indicators like your voice, your face shape, how you type on the phone, how you move your body and how you swipe the screen of your mobile phone as well. The service will be able to run continuously in the background of your phone system, and it will keep records of these indicators to recognize the phone owner.

Actually, using any of these methods to protect your phone from third parties is absurd. Even if you use facial recognition only, it may be a foolish approach to protecting your phone as it cannot give enough security. But when you are using a combination of biometric indicators, it will give you ten times better result than a fingerprint scanner.

The idea is somewhat like the system known as Smart Lock. Though it doesn’t run in the background and you can’t access individual apps as well. Trust API will be able to control the security check needed for accessing different apps.

Each of the biometrics will donate to determine an overall “trust score” to unlock your apps. The program will use the suit of sensors of an Android phone to monitor your behaviour always. If you cannot meet the trust score, you will be asked for other additional authentication.

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