Game of Thrones – Season 6 – the death of Hodor

game of thrones

We all saw the death of Hodor in Game of thrones season 6 episode named as – ‘The Door’. The unfortunate death of Hodor made the episode really sad and gave the series a real twist.

Facts about Hodor:

Hodor was one of the trustworthy and brave characters who played a positive role and got lots of attraction from the viewers. He has been there since the beginning and played a major role throughout all the series. The way he dressed up and carried his personality throughout all the series has got lots of popularity. He is one of the power full men who has shown his muscle power and kept the little prince saved for so many days.

Being a wilding who, has never been into the kingdom, Hodor he was able to fulfil his responsibility, though he did not have any bad intention. The character Hodor might have not seen for a long time in all the episodes but this great personality was able to create an impression on all the Game of thrones lovers. This great person didn’t only protect the little king, but also carried him day after day to reach their destination.

What went wrong in Game of thrones?

As we have been seeing, Bran is staying with Hodor and his fellow friends since a long time. In this episode when Bran was traveling in time and enjoying the flashbacks of winterfall while he was witnessing the young Hodor who was repeatedly uttering ‘Hold the door’.They were attacked by the white walkers who desperately wanted to kill each one of them. Bran was not in his senses at the time when they were attacked and it was a very difficult situation to save him from white walkers.

But when nothing was working out, Hodor held the door alone and tried to block the road to thousands of white walkers so that Meera can flee away with Bran and keep him safe. If Bran was in his senses, Hodor wouldn’t have died, but due to this sorrowfull incident in this season, Bran and the viewers were left in immense pain.

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