Twitch launches Clips for gamers to share short videos

Now you can share short videos while gaming! Wow! Doesn’t the line sound so cool? Well, it is going to be possible by the help of the gamer community and the live streaming platform, Twitch.

They have launched a whole new feature that will unroll its content in the field over the time. Twitch is ready with debuted clips. Website viewers can quickly clip a video of 30 seconds from another live stream.

You can easily be connected with the original live broadcaster as the clips link back to them automatically. Because of this special feature, no one can claim your clips as their own.

It will also send the traffic to the site when your clip is spread out broadly. Now it’s time to that you start sharing short videos of your favorite moments when you are busy playing the game.

What the company says about the share short videos facility?

The company has announced that you can share your game clips in Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. You will get these options as small sharing buttons at the top of the clip on the right side.

After clipping videos, when you start sharing, the links will be able to connect viewers to the broadcast directly. More exciting features are coming soon, Twitch informed.

If you are able to find the new clips option, you can easily use this. Twitch has made it user friendly for all types of gamers as well.

All you have to do is, click on the Clip Button on your video player if you want to save and share any moments of your game.

To create the final clip, the video will arrest 5 seconds forward and 25 seconds back of the moment.

You can now share the highlights of your game. Clips are saved as the URLs as of now, but you can expect to control your own user profile of shared links in near future.

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