Android bug puts 60% of users at risk

Just after few weeks of Android bug discovery now just 2 days ago news started to come that another Android trojan is being surfaced.

This Trojan is using a flaw in mobile processors made by Qualcomm,due to almost  60% of devices using Qualcomm mobile processor it is quite dangerous.

As told by Security researchers this flaw also seems to be linked with Android’s mediaserver and Qualcomm’s Secure Execution Environment(QSEE)

If you remember last year’s Stagefright flaw, You may be aware that how huge it was due to its reach of nearly 1 billion Android smartphones,because of that google started issuing monthly security patches.

Just the difference in this new android bug and last year’s Stagefright flaw is that hackers were using Stagefright flaw to take control of your phone remotely,But this new flaw is inbuilt inside the core of android that is why it is so alarming.

Attackers can take control of your phone by just having your number and sending a text to it and almost 60% of all android users are affected by this.

Previously it was using text message to infect the android devices ,But now it being distributed by a malicious app.

Due to both version of this virus are infecting a device by playing a video, it is believed to be that Android’s mediaserver is being the point of attack.

Very quickly Google released the patch of this flaw but you must also know that not all android users receive that,due to they running old version of android.

But if you have recent Android version 6 Marshmallow and your android device is not updated due to patch not provided by your carrier.

You may be at risk and you must use diffrent method to secure your device like using mobile antivirus.


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