Garry Shandling Dead at age 66

Groundbreaking Comedian Garry Shandling’s best known for The Larry Sanders Show died at Thursday. He was 66 at the time of his death.Garry Shandling’s Apparent Cause of Death Was a Heart Attack the Los Angeles Police Department spokesman confirmed.

He was born in Chicago .In early 1970s he moved to Los Angeles  , He started working  as an advertising copywriter ,After few years he got a job writing for the sitcom Sanford and Son. He performed in may standup comedy and appeared many times in The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Shandling’s was Emmy award winner and he was praised in comedy world for his outstanding work as a writer and comedian

After  Shandling’s death news, his fellow co-stars, friends, and comedians talked about him.Conan O’Brien during Thursday’s show said that how Shandling helped him at time in his life when he was fired from The Tonight Show.

Universal Talent Agency, who represented him, said that he “was an irrepressible force in comedy and in life, and his body of work will forever be cherished. He brought a smile to our faces on screen and in person, and was a most generous mentor to so many talented comedic minds.”

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